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To date, a total of  mutations in  genes have been declared causative of  instances of phenotype, based on a total of  assays of phenotype, testing the effects of  ENU-induced coding/splicing mutations.

We display phenotypic data on  mutation-phenotype associations, caused by  distinct alleles of  genes.  of these records have the Candidate Status “Good” or “Excellent,” implying a high likelihood of verification by gene retargeting. These data may be searched, sorted, and viewed using the Candidate Explorer utility.
Mutagenesis Statistics
(cumulative numbers since Apr 11, 2001)
G1 Mice Produced 48,185
G3 Mice Produced 310,090
Pedigrees Produced 15,601

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Beutler Lab
Beutler Lab

Phenomics Australia
Phenomics Australia

To cite Mutagenetix in a journal article or on-line publication, please use the following conventions: {Authors, Science Writers, Beutler B}. Record for {allele name}, updated {date of last update}. MUTAGENETIX (TM), B. Beutler and colleagues, Center for the Genetics of Host Defense, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX. Accessed {date of download}. URL:

Also cite:
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