Incidental Mutation 'R4397:Gfap'
ID 325553
Institutional Source Beutler Lab
Gene Symbol Gfap
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000020932
Gene Name glial fibrillary acidic protein
MMRRC Submission 041685-MU
Accession Numbers
Essential gene? Probably non essential (E-score: 0.171) question?
Stock # R4397 (G1)
Quality Score 225
Status Validated
Chromosome 11
Chromosomal Location 102778162-102791368 bp(-) (GRCm39)
Type of Mutation missense
DNA Base Change (assembly) G to A at 102787810 bp (GRCm39)
Zygosity Heterozygous
Amino Acid Change Alanine to Valine at position 45 (A45V)
Ref Sequence ENSEMBL: ENSMUSP00000077061 (fasta)
Gene Model predicted gene model for transcript(s): [ENSMUST00000067444] [ENSMUST00000077902]
AlphaFold P03995
Predicted Effect probably benign
Transcript: ENSMUST00000067444
AA Change: A45V

PolyPhen 2 Score 0.084 (Sensitivity: 0.93; Specificity: 0.85)
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000064691
Gene: ENSMUSG00000020932
AA Change: A45V

Pfam:Filament_head 2 64 1.7e-8 PFAM
Filament 65 373 2.34e-136 SMART
Predicted Effect probably benign
Transcript: ENSMUST00000077902
AA Change: A45V

PolyPhen 2 Score 0.084 (Sensitivity: 0.93; Specificity: 0.85)
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000077061
Gene: ENSMUSG00000020932
AA Change: A45V

Pfam:Filament_head 1 64 1.6e-7 PFAM
Pfam:Filament 65 373 1e-112 PFAM
Predicted Effect noncoding transcript
Transcript: ENSMUST00000127909
Predicted Effect noncoding transcript
Transcript: ENSMUST00000181125
Meta Mutation Damage Score 0.0898 question?
Coding Region Coverage
  • 1x: 99.2%
  • 3x: 98.6%
  • 10x: 97.2%
  • 20x: 95.1%
Validation Efficiency 96% (55/57)
MGI Phenotype FUNCTION: [Summary is not available for the mouse gene. This summary is for the human ortholog.] This gene encodes one of the major intermediate filament proteins of mature astrocytes. It is used as a marker to distinguish astrocytes from other glial cells during development. Mutations in this gene cause Alexander disease, a rare disorder of astrocytes in the central nervous system. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2008]
PHENOTYPE: Homozygotes for targeted null mutations show reduced astrocyte-associated intermediate filaments, enhanced long-term potentiation and impaired eye-blink conditioning. Aged mutants may show hydrocephaly, reduced myelination and impaired blood-brain barrier. [provided by MGI curators]
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Other mutations in this stock
Total: 48 list
GeneRefVarChr/LocMutationPredicted EffectZygosity
Adgrg4 T G X: 55,977,703 (GRCm39) L2193V probably damaging Het
Agap2 G A 10: 126,926,352 (GRCm39) A866T unknown Het
Aig1 A C 10: 13,528,726 (GRCm39) S237A probably benign Het
Baz1b C T 5: 135,273,300 (GRCm39) R1475W probably damaging Het
Bmp1 C T 14: 70,727,982 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Crybg3 A G 16: 59,380,458 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Dnajc15 T C 14: 78,112,234 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Fam135b T A 15: 71,320,525 (GRCm39) H1334L probably benign Het
Fancg A T 4: 43,008,897 (GRCm39) H113Q probably benign Het
Gjd3 A T 11: 98,873,247 (GRCm39) L199Q probably damaging Het
Gvin-ps3 A G 7: 105,682,130 (GRCm39) noncoding transcript Het
H13 A G 2: 152,519,472 (GRCm39) D65G probably damaging Het
Hcls1 T C 16: 36,757,662 (GRCm39) V5A possibly damaging Het
Hjurp GT GTT 1: 88,194,246 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Homer3 G A 8: 70,742,793 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Iqgap3 T C 3: 88,011,665 (GRCm39) Y817H probably damaging Het
Iqsec2 C T X: 150,992,049 (GRCm39) T562I probably damaging Het
Klb A G 5: 65,537,382 (GRCm39) Y904C probably damaging Het
Kremen1 A T 11: 5,149,610 (GRCm39) S354T probably benign Het
Lamc3 A G 2: 31,821,964 (GRCm39) E1304G probably benign Het
Lrp4 T C 2: 91,342,015 (GRCm39) V1876A probably benign Het
Magi3 T C 3: 104,127,030 (GRCm39) T85A probably damaging Het
Map3k12 C T 15: 102,409,694 (GRCm39) A694T probably benign Het
Mex3b T C 7: 82,519,031 (GRCm39) S449P possibly damaging Het
Naip6 C T 13: 100,437,108 (GRCm39) A472T probably benign Het
Nars2 T C 7: 96,622,771 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Nlrp1a T G 11: 70,988,030 (GRCm39) M1046L probably benign Het
Nphs1 T G 7: 30,181,390 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Nup133 G A 8: 124,671,040 (GRCm39) T119M probably benign Het
Or6c201 G T 10: 128,969,450 (GRCm39) N62K possibly damaging Het
Pcdhga9 A T 18: 37,871,694 (GRCm39) I508F probably damaging Het
Phactr3 A G 2: 177,817,199 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Plcb3 T C 19: 6,943,193 (GRCm39) K155E probably damaging Het
Plxna2 C T 1: 194,431,625 (GRCm39) S538F probably damaging Het
Prss38 T C 11: 59,263,854 (GRCm39) Y286C probably damaging Het
Psg16 T C 7: 16,824,623 (GRCm39) S45P possibly damaging Het
Ptpn21 G T 12: 98,654,507 (GRCm39) P820Q probably damaging Het
Ptpn21 A G 12: 98,681,319 (GRCm39) V105A probably damaging Het
Rnf7 A G 9: 96,360,463 (GRCm39) M58T probably benign Het
Slc25a11 G A 11: 70,535,677 (GRCm39) A287V probably benign Het
Slit2 G T 5: 48,377,423 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Suco A G 1: 161,672,421 (GRCm39) Y460H probably damaging Het
Tnxb C T 17: 34,897,636 (GRCm39) Q804* probably null Het
Trpv6 A G 6: 41,602,172 (GRCm39) I379T possibly damaging Het
Ugt1a1 CAGAGAGAGAGAGA CAGAGAGAGAGA 1: 88,139,706 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Virma A G 4: 11,513,901 (GRCm39) E585G possibly damaging Het
Vmn2r79 A G 7: 86,651,099 (GRCm39) H166R possibly damaging Het
Vmn2r88 A T 14: 51,655,435 (GRCm39) D549V probably damaging Het
Other mutations in Gfap
AlleleSourceChrCoordTypePredicted EffectPPH Score
IGL00087:Gfap APN 11 102,779,544 (GRCm39) missense possibly damaging 0.88
IGL00815:Gfap APN 11 102,779,516 (GRCm39) missense possibly damaging 0.91
IGL01934:Gfap APN 11 102,785,286 (GRCm39) missense probably damaging 0.97
IGL02556:Gfap APN 11 102,787,780 (GRCm39) missense probably damaging 1.00
IGL03393:Gfap APN 11 102,784,083 (GRCm39) critical splice acceptor site probably null
R4840:Gfap UTSW 11 102,785,214 (GRCm39) missense probably damaging 1.00
R5263:Gfap UTSW 11 102,787,756 (GRCm39) missense probably damaging 1.00
R5306:Gfap UTSW 11 102,786,574 (GRCm39) critical splice donor site probably null
R5611:Gfap UTSW 11 102,787,895 (GRCm39) missense probably benign 0.00
R5646:Gfap UTSW 11 102,782,282 (GRCm39) missense probably benign 0.21
R6964:Gfap UTSW 11 102,787,783 (GRCm39) missense possibly damaging 0.49
R7409:Gfap UTSW 11 102,785,358 (GRCm39) missense probably benign 0.03
R7410:Gfap UTSW 11 102,783,963 (GRCm39) missense probably damaging 1.00
R8112:Gfap UTSW 11 102,787,928 (GRCm39) missense probably benign
R8405:Gfap UTSW 11 102,782,256 (GRCm39) missense probably benign 0.01
R8405:Gfap UTSW 11 102,782,255 (GRCm39) missense probably benign
R8869:Gfap UTSW 11 102,787,810 (GRCm39) missense probably benign 0.00
R8872:Gfap UTSW 11 102,786,620 (GRCm39) missense possibly damaging 0.66
R9004:Gfap UTSW 11 102,782,268 (GRCm39) missense probably benign 0.09
R9236:Gfap UTSW 11 102,786,327 (GRCm39) missense probably damaging 1.00
X0053:Gfap UTSW 11 102,779,541 (GRCm39) nonsense probably null
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Posted On 2015-07-06