Incidental Mutation 'R0551:Gadd45g'
ID 45190
Institutional Source Beutler Lab
Gene Symbol Gadd45g
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000021453
Gene Name growth arrest and DNA-damage-inducible 45 gamma
Synonyms CR6, OIG37
MMRRC Submission 038743-MU
Accession Numbers
Essential gene? Probably essential (E-score: 0.817) question?
Stock # R0551 (G1)
Quality Score 225
Status Validated
Chromosome 13
Chromosomal Location 52000714-52002504 bp(+) (GRCm39)
Type of Mutation missense
DNA Base Change (assembly) A to G at 52001963 bp (GRCm39)
Zygosity Heterozygous
Amino Acid Change Glutamic Acid to Glycine at position 143 (E143G)
Ref Sequence ENSEMBL: ENSMUSP00000021903 (fasta)
Gene Model predicted gene model for transcript(s): [ENSMUST00000021903]
AlphaFold no structure available at present
Predicted Effect probably damaging
Transcript: ENSMUST00000021903
AA Change: E143G

PolyPhen 2 Score 0.997 (Sensitivity: 0.41; Specificity: 0.98)
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000021903
Gene: ENSMUSG00000021453
AA Change: E143G

Pfam:Ribosomal_L7Ae 24 112 1.6e-14 PFAM
Predicted Effect noncoding transcript
Transcript: ENSMUST00000132480
Meta Mutation Damage Score 0.2168 question?
Coding Region Coverage
  • 1x: 99.3%
  • 3x: 98.7%
  • 10x: 97.1%
  • 20x: 95.1%
Validation Efficiency 99% (77/78)
MGI Phenotype FUNCTION: [Summary is not available for the mouse gene. This summary is for the human ortholog.] This gene is a member of a group of genes whose transcript levels are increased following stressful growth arrest conditions and treatment with DNA-damaging agents. The protein encoded by this gene responds to environmental stresses by mediating activation of the p38/JNK pathway via MTK1/MEKK4 kinase. The GADD45G is highly expressed in placenta. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
PHENOTYPE: Mice homozygous for some null alleles exhibit male to female sex reversal, abnormal T-helper 1 and NK physiology, decreased type IV hypersensitivity, altered cellular survival to osmotic stress and impaired adaptive thermogenesis. [provided by MGI curators]
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Other mutations in this stock
Total: 75 list
GeneRefVarChr/LocMutationPredicted EffectZygosity
3425401B19Rik T A 14: 32,384,598 (GRCm39) T456S probably benign Het
Acmsd A T 1: 127,694,070 (GRCm39) K333N probably benign Het
Adcy2 T A 13: 68,944,658 (GRCm39) K241N probably damaging Het
Aebp1 A G 11: 5,817,955 (GRCm39) I77V probably benign Het
Albfm1 C T 5: 90,720,578 (GRCm39) P250S probably damaging Het
Ankrd35 A G 3: 96,591,276 (GRCm39) T521A probably benign Het
Arap2 C T 5: 62,798,666 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Arfgap3 A T 15: 83,227,338 (GRCm39) C25S probably damaging Het
Arhgap20 T A 9: 51,737,125 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Arhgap39 C T 15: 76,619,086 (GRCm39) D833N probably damaging Het
Auts2 T C 5: 131,469,307 (GRCm39) E446G possibly damaging Het
Brwd1 C T 16: 95,837,174 (GRCm39) R886H probably damaging Het
Carm1 G A 9: 21,491,787 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Cdc5l G A 17: 45,726,610 (GRCm39) R321W probably damaging Het
Cfap54 A T 10: 92,860,984 (GRCm39) M841K probably benign Het
Clca4b T A 3: 144,634,387 (GRCm39) T69S probably damaging Het
Cpox A G 16: 58,495,753 (GRCm39) I357V probably benign Het
Diaph3 C A 14: 87,147,536 (GRCm39) V711L probably benign Het
Fabp3-ps1 T C 10: 86,567,904 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Fam120b A T 17: 15,651,905 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Fcho1 A G 8: 72,164,818 (GRCm39) S488P probably benign Het
Flcn A G 11: 59,686,574 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Flt3l A G 7: 44,781,690 (GRCm39) W234R probably damaging Het
Fzd7 G T 1: 59,522,443 (GRCm39) V109L probably damaging Het
G3bp1 A G 11: 55,379,969 (GRCm39) N101S probably benign Het
Ganab T G 19: 8,884,644 (GRCm39) I149S probably benign Het
Garnl3 A G 2: 32,906,750 (GRCm39) S413P probably damaging Het
Glis1 C T 4: 107,425,316 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Gm11563 A G 11: 99,549,539 (GRCm39) S72P unknown Het
Gpd1 T G 15: 99,618,510 (GRCm39) I188S possibly damaging Het
Gria2 A G 3: 80,639,333 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Hpcal4 G T 4: 123,082,848 (GRCm39) A65S possibly damaging Het
Igsf10 G A 3: 59,236,089 (GRCm39) T1364I probably benign Het
Kdm4a T C 4: 117,995,428 (GRCm39) *1065W probably null Het
Klkb1 A G 8: 45,731,003 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Lipo3 T C 19: 33,557,951 (GRCm39) D147G probably damaging Het
Lrp1 A G 10: 127,407,827 (GRCm39) S1821P probably benign Het
Macroh2a2 A G 10: 61,576,945 (GRCm39) S308P probably damaging Het
Manba T C 3: 135,223,734 (GRCm39) I207T probably damaging Het
Mark3 T A 12: 111,600,068 (GRCm39) S428T probably benign Het
Mfsd4a G A 1: 131,969,657 (GRCm39) T348I probably damaging Het
Mybbp1a A G 11: 72,339,202 (GRCm39) M880V probably benign Het
N4bp2 T A 5: 65,977,684 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Nrdc T G 4: 108,904,905 (GRCm39) I712S probably damaging Het
Nup210 G A 6: 90,998,466 (GRCm39) R774C possibly damaging Het
Obscn G A 11: 58,998,688 (GRCm39) R1395* probably null Het
Or5b102 T A 19: 13,041,658 (GRCm39) D294E probably benign Het
Pcdh7 T C 5: 57,879,336 (GRCm39) Y964H probably damaging Het
Pgap6 C A 17: 26,339,576 (GRCm39) Q605K probably damaging Het
Plin4 T C 17: 56,413,756 (GRCm39) T290A probably benign Het
Ppara T C 15: 85,671,306 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Psg21 T G 7: 18,386,565 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Ptar1 C A 19: 23,697,704 (GRCm39) N405K probably benign Het
Ralgps2 A G 1: 156,660,233 (GRCm39) probably null Het
Rnf6 T A 5: 146,148,205 (GRCm39) N271I possibly damaging Het
Sis T C 3: 72,832,740 (GRCm39) D1019G possibly damaging Het
Slc37a3 A G 6: 39,329,688 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Slc49a3 A G 5: 108,592,331 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Slc6a12 G A 6: 121,333,877 (GRCm39) V238I probably damaging Het
Sntg1 C A 1: 8,624,960 (GRCm39) V279L possibly damaging Het
Sorbs1 T A 19: 40,300,260 (GRCm39) E567D probably damaging Het
Sp110 C A 1: 85,516,821 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Ssu2 A G 6: 112,357,515 (GRCm39) V175A possibly damaging Het
Stk36 G A 1: 74,655,780 (GRCm39) E428K probably benign Het
Teddm1b A T 1: 153,751,090 (GRCm39) I300F possibly damaging Het
Thy1 T C 9: 43,958,645 (GRCm39) V129A probably damaging Het
Tiam2 T A 17: 3,479,229 (GRCm39) M654K probably damaging Het
Tmem69 T C 4: 116,410,470 (GRCm39) S167G probably benign Het
Tmem81 C G 1: 132,435,567 (GRCm39) I124M probably damaging Het
Tspan10 A G 11: 120,335,244 (GRCm39) D118G probably damaging Het
Tspo2 A G 17: 48,755,841 (GRCm39) probably benign Het
Ttn G A 2: 76,738,672 (GRCm39) Q4002* probably null Het
Tyro3 G A 2: 119,647,385 (GRCm39) R834Q probably damaging Het
Ugt2b1 T C 5: 87,073,943 (GRCm39) K139E probably benign Het
Vmn1r9 A T 6: 57,048,524 (GRCm39) I200F probably benign Het
Other mutations in Gadd45g
AlleleSourceChrCoordTypePredicted EffectPPH Score
R7994:Gadd45g UTSW 13 52,001,803 (GRCm39) missense possibly damaging 0.93
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Posted On 2013-06-11