Incidental Mutation 'R7068:Rad1'
Institutional Source Beutler Lab
Gene Symbol Rad1
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000022248
Gene NameRAD1 checkpoint DNA exonuclease
MMRRC Submission
Accession Numbers
Is this an essential gene? Probably essential (E-score: 0.940) question?
Stock #R7068 (G1)
Quality Score225.009
Status Not validated
Chromosomal Location10486018-10499063 bp(+) (GRCm38)
Type of Mutationnonsense
DNA Base Change (assembly) T to A at 10490293 bp
Amino Acid Change Tyrosine to Stop codon at position 85 (Y85*)
Ref Sequence ENSEMBL: ENSMUSP00000128601 (fasta)
Gene Model predicted gene model for transcript(s): [ENSMUST00000022855] [ENSMUST00000022856] [ENSMUST00000100775] [ENSMUST00000168408] [ENSMUST00000168761] [ENSMUST00000169050] [ENSMUST00000169519] [ENSMUST00000170100]
Predicted Effect probably benign
Transcript: ENSMUST00000022855
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000022855
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022247

Brix 63 243 3.62e-58 SMART
Predicted Effect probably null
Transcript: ENSMUST00000022856
AA Change: Y115*
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000022856
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022248
AA Change: Y115*

Pfam:Rad1 16 257 2.2e-85 PFAM
Predicted Effect probably null
Transcript: ENSMUST00000100775
AA Change: Y115*
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000098338
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022248
AA Change: Y115*

Pfam:Rad1 16 235 5.5e-69 PFAM
Predicted Effect probably benign
Transcript: ENSMUST00000168408
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000132747
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022248

Pfam:Rad1 16 67 1.7e-17 PFAM
Predicted Effect probably benign
Transcript: ENSMUST00000168761
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000130602
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022247

Blast:Brix 10 51 5e-6 BLAST
Predicted Effect probably benign
Transcript: ENSMUST00000169050
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000127437
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022247

Pfam:Brix 72 154 8.8e-19 PFAM
Predicted Effect probably null
Transcript: ENSMUST00000169519
AA Change: Y115*
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000126645
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022248
AA Change: Y115*

Pfam:Rad1 16 133 9e-36 PFAM
Predicted Effect probably null
Transcript: ENSMUST00000170100
AA Change: Y85*
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000128601
Gene: ENSMUSG00000022248
AA Change: Y85*

Pfam:Rad1 1 161 1.3e-51 PFAM
Coding Region Coverage
  • 1x: 100.0%
  • 3x: 99.9%
  • 10x: 99.6%
  • 20x: 98.9%
Validation Efficiency
MGI Phenotype FUNCTION: [Summary is not available for the mouse gene. This summary is for the human ortholog.] This gene encodes a component of a heterotrimeric cell cycle checkpoint complex, known as the 9-1-1 complex, that is activated to stop cell cycle progression in response to DNA damage or incomplete DNA replication. The 9-1-1 complex is recruited by RAD17 to affected sites where it may attract specialized DNA polymerases and other DNA repair effectors. Alternatively spliced transcript variants of this gene have been described. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2009]
PHENOTYPE: Mice homozygous for a knock-in allele exhibit normal B cell DNA damage sensitivity, somatic hypermutation, and class switch recombination. [provided by MGI curators]
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Other mutations in this stock
Total: 57 list
GeneRefVarChr/LocMutationPredicted EffectZygosity
Acsm1 A G 7: 119,622,580 H24R probably benign Het
Ago2 A T 15: 73,146,450 F46L probably damaging Het
Amd1 A G 10: 40,290,512 F123L probably benign Het
Arhgef10 T C 8: 14,958,639 F546L probably damaging Het
Asic2 G A 11: 81,152,255 H71Y probably benign Het
Asphd1 A G 7: 126,948,678 V151A probably benign Het
Best3 T C 10: 116,988,638 V3A probably damaging Het
C4b A G 17: 34,733,477 L1196P probably damaging Het
Cd22 A G 7: 30,878,079 V3A probably benign Het
Cdkl3 T C 11: 52,011,327 probably null Het
Clcnka A T 4: 141,387,110 V631E probably damaging Het
Cmya5 A G 13: 93,092,697 V1961A possibly damaging Het
Dnah14 A G 1: 181,769,790 E3559G probably benign Het
Emsy A T 7: 98,610,761 D39E probably benign Het
Fam126a A G 5: 23,964,795 S519P possibly damaging Het
Fbxl16 G T 17: 25,819,511 V477F possibly damaging Het
Flt1 A T 5: 147,673,634 I393N probably damaging Het
Gabra4 A T 5: 71,572,059 N433K probably benign Het
Gatad1 T C 5: 3,643,540 R210G probably benign Het
Ghsr T A 3: 27,371,837 V14D probably benign Het
Glb1l A G 1: 75,202,737 Y183H probably damaging Het
Ighv3-4 T C 12: 114,253,654 T106A probably damaging Het
Ik T G 18: 36,755,465 F439V possibly damaging Het
Itih5 T C 2: 10,249,304 S789P probably damaging Het
Kcnj8 T C 6: 142,566,239 D214G probably damaging Het
Kdm5a C A 6: 120,430,215 H1464N probably benign Het
Klb A T 5: 65,379,340 Y671F probably damaging Het
Kremen2 C A 17: 23,741,885 R421L possibly damaging Het
Mroh9 T A 1: 163,039,181 D662V probably damaging Het
Mtmr12 T G 15: 12,257,670 M278R probably null Het
Ndufa8 T C 2: 36,044,435 M44V possibly damaging Het
Nedd4l A T 18: 65,205,651 R695S probably damaging Het
Nuf2 G A 1: 169,522,419 P97S probably damaging Het
Olfr1018 T C 2: 85,823,052 V27A probably benign Het
Olfr206 T C 16: 59,345,204 T166A possibly damaging Het
Olfr310 A C 7: 86,269,537 L84R probably damaging Het
P4ha2 A G 11: 54,110,994 T33A probably benign Het
Parp1 A G 1: 180,588,668 H544R probably damaging Het
Plec A G 15: 76,177,769 L2678P probably damaging Het
Sema6d A G 2: 124,657,821 I309V probably benign Het
Skint2 T C 4: 112,624,351 V137A probably damaging Het
Slc23a3 T C 1: 75,133,233 N130S probably benign Het
Slc35f1 T C 10: 53,062,500 F176S probably damaging Het
Slc44a2 T A 9: 21,320,848 Y10N probably benign Het
Smarcc1 A G 9: 110,185,884 T506A probably damaging Het
Smchd1 A T 17: 71,387,092 S1219R probably benign Het
Smco1 A G 16: 32,274,111 N200S probably benign Het
Srcap A G 7: 127,541,943 T1571A probably benign Het
Strip2 C T 6: 29,932,208 T459I probably benign Het
Tarbp1 C T 8: 126,427,034 A1560T probably damaging Het
Tcl1b1 T A 12: 105,159,693 probably benign Het
Tdrd5 T C 1: 156,284,271 E436G probably damaging Het
Trim31 T A 17: 36,898,516 C55S probably damaging Het
Tsr1 G T 11: 74,903,919 E467* probably null Het
Tulp4 T A 17: 6,185,289 D178E probably damaging Het
Vmn1r30 A G 6: 58,435,010 V279A possibly damaging Het
Vmn2r98 A G 17: 19,065,313 R132G probably benign Het
Other mutations in Rad1
AlleleSourceChrCoordTypePredicted EffectPPH Score
IGL00662:Rad1 APN 15 10490409 missense probably benign 0.06
IGL01536:Rad1 APN 15 10493200 missense possibly damaging 0.94
IGL01544:Rad1 APN 15 10490379 missense probably damaging 0.99
IGL02058:Rad1 APN 15 10493275 missense probably benign 0.01
IGL02368:Rad1 APN 15 10493251 missense probably benign 0.19
IGL02793:Rad1 APN 15 10493279 missense probably benign 0.00
IGL02875:Rad1 APN 15 10493279 missense probably benign 0.00
R0271:Rad1 UTSW 15 10490457 splice site probably null
R1874:Rad1 UTSW 15 10488006 missense probably damaging 1.00
R2154:Rad1 UTSW 15 10486635 missense possibly damaging 0.77
R2318:Rad1 UTSW 15 10490409 missense probably benign 0.06
R2369:Rad1 UTSW 15 10486659 missense probably damaging 1.00
R2875:Rad1 UTSW 15 10490331 missense probably benign 0.09
R2876:Rad1 UTSW 15 10490331 missense probably benign 0.09
R2915:Rad1 UTSW 15 10486642 missense probably damaging 0.99
R3721:Rad1 UTSW 15 10488026 missense probably benign 0.00
R4754:Rad1 UTSW 15 10493126 intron probably benign
R4931:Rad1 UTSW 15 10492762 intron probably benign
R5274:Rad1 UTSW 15 10487973 splice site probably null
R5640:Rad1 UTSW 15 10495923 missense possibly damaging 0.47
R5885:Rad1 UTSW 15 10488057 missense probably damaging 1.00
R6056:Rad1 UTSW 15 10488074 missense probably damaging 0.99
R6341:Rad1 UTSW 15 10492821 missense probably damaging 0.99
R6420:Rad1 UTSW 15 10488012 missense probably benign 0.00
R7205:Rad1 UTSW 15 10493257 missense probably benign 0.00
R7312:Rad1 UTSW 15 10493281 missense probably benign 0.00
R7817:Rad1 UTSW 15 10493318 missense probably benign
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