Incidental Mutation 'R7124:Eif4ebp1'
ID 552208
Institutional Source Beutler Lab
Gene Symbol Eif4ebp1
Ensembl Gene ENSMUSG00000031490
Gene Name eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E binding protein 1
Synonyms 4e-bp1, PHAS-I
MMRRC Submission
Accession Numbers
Essential gene? Probably non essential (E-score: 0.219) question?
Stock # R7124 (G1)
Quality Score 225.009
Status Validated
Chromosome 8
Chromosomal Location 27260329-27276674 bp(+) (GRCm38)
Type of Mutation missense
DNA Base Change (assembly) T to C at 27273419 bp (GRCm38)
Zygosity Heterozygous
Amino Acid Change Valine to Alanine at position 80 (V80A)
Ref Sequence ENSEMBL: ENSMUSP00000033880 (fasta)
Gene Model predicted gene model for transcript(s): [ENSMUST00000033880]
AlphaFold Q60876
Predicted Effect probably damaging
Transcript: ENSMUST00000033880
AA Change: V80A

PolyPhen 2 Score 0.996 (Sensitivity: 0.55; Specificity: 0.98)
SMART Domains Protein: ENSMUSP00000033880
Gene: ENSMUSG00000031490
AA Change: V80A

Pfam:eIF_4EBP 1 117 2.4e-48 PFAM
Meta Mutation Damage Score 0.6760 question?
Coding Region Coverage
  • 1x: 100.0%
  • 3x: 100.0%
  • 10x: 99.7%
  • 20x: 99.2%
Validation Efficiency 97% (72/74)
MGI Phenotype FUNCTION: [Summary is not available for the mouse gene. This summary is for the human ortholog.] This gene encodes one member of a family of translation repressor proteins. The protein directly interacts with eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E (eIF4E), which is a limiting component of the multisubunit complex that recruits 40S ribosomal subunits to the 5' end of mRNAs. Interaction of this protein with eIF4E inhibits complex assembly and represses translation. This protein is phosphorylated in response to various signals including UV irradiation and insulin signaling, resulting in its dissociation from eIF4E and activation of mRNA translation. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
PHENOTYPE: Homozygotes for a targeted mutation display hypoglycemia and hypoleptinemia with significantly reduced white fat pads and a notable increase in metabolic rate. Male white adipose tissue exhibits the multilocular appearance of brown adipocytes, and expresses UCP1, a specific marker of brown fat. [provided by MGI curators]
Allele List at MGI
Other mutations in this stock
Total: 73 list
GeneRefVarChr/LocMutationPredicted EffectZygosity
1700006A11Rik A C 3: 124,414,393 S212R probably benign Het
4930562C15Rik T C 16: 4,864,332 S170P probably benign Het
9330182O14Rik G A 15: 40,144,907 C59Y unknown Het
AA986860 A G 1: 130,742,887 E282G possibly damaging Het
Adam1a G T 5: 121,519,334 T632K probably benign Het
Aspg G T 12: 112,122,983 A402S probably damaging Het
Capn7 C T 14: 31,336,685 probably benign Het
Card9 C T 2: 26,356,884 probably null Het
Cdh13 T C 8: 118,968,173 V254A probably damaging Het
Colec10 T C 15: 54,462,371 V199A probably damaging Het
Copb2 T C 9: 98,577,053 S283P probably damaging Het
Csmd1 G T 8: 15,903,202 S3426R probably damaging Het
Cyp4f14 A G 17: 32,914,588 V98A probably benign Het
Disp1 C A 1: 183,087,466 R1130L probably damaging Het
Dysf A G 6: 84,190,901 probably null Het
Eloa T A 4: 136,009,141 I565F probably damaging Het
Espn G T 4: 152,131,264 H513N probably benign Het
Fam83c C T 2: 155,829,571 S648N probably benign Het
Fdxr C T 11: 115,269,577 V351M probably benign Het
Fras1 A T 5: 96,714,401 D2213V probably damaging Het
Gbp4 T A 5: 105,119,959 I474F possibly damaging Het
Gm11639 T C 11: 104,738,274 F926S probably benign Het
Golgb1 T C 16: 36,913,673 V1135A probably benign Het
Gpt2 G A 8: 85,518,052 E325K probably benign Het
Hipk2 A T 6: 38,818,478 Y285* probably null Het
Ifi27l2b T C 12: 103,451,320 I203V probably damaging Het
Itga10 T A 3: 96,651,765 M390K probably damaging Het
Itgb8 G T 12: 119,202,424 S124* probably null Het
Klhdc10 T A 6: 30,441,827 F173I probably damaging Het
Kng2 T G 16: 23,012,055 N168T probably damaging Het
Krtap24-1 T C 16: 88,611,546 T231A probably damaging Het
Lbx2 A T 6: 83,088,064 D194V probably damaging Het
Lrrc39 C A 3: 116,565,913 Q36K probably benign Het
Madd T C 2: 91,162,048 E1093G possibly damaging Het
Mfap3l A G 8: 60,671,269 T182A probably damaging Het
Myo9b T A 8: 71,333,701 Y670* probably null Het
Nbea A G 3: 55,992,444 L1428P probably damaging Het
Nkx2-3 T C 19: 43,614,806 Y284H possibly damaging Het
Nphp4 A G 4: 152,555,684 D1009G probably benign Het
Npy2r G A 3: 82,541,183 A95V probably damaging Het
Nuggc A G 14: 65,608,802 E70G probably damaging Het
Olfr1020 T C 2: 85,849,910 S153P probably benign Het
Olfr1028 T A 2: 85,951,473 S137T possibly damaging Het
Palld A T 8: 61,516,645 V1215D unknown Het
Pard6g T C 18: 80,117,125 I151T possibly damaging Het
Parp12 T C 6: 39,111,736 I189V probably benign Het
Parp4 A G 14: 56,602,799 I554V probably benign Het
Pcnx2 G A 8: 125,753,617 P1984S probably damaging Het
Piwil4 T C 9: 14,736,900 M128V probably benign Het
Polr2a C A 11: 69,737,462 E1302* probably null Het
Psg17 C A 7: 18,814,496 G450V probably damaging Het
Psg17 C G 7: 18,814,497 G450R probably damaging Het
Rag1 T C 2: 101,643,783 E338G probably damaging Het
Rev3l A T 10: 39,822,167 K887* probably null Het
Rragd T C 4: 32,996,027 F124S possibly damaging Het
Scube1 A T 15: 83,629,511 probably null Het
Sfpq A T 4: 127,025,932 D490V possibly damaging Het
Smc1b G T 15: 85,071,597 Q1034K probably damaging Het
Smg7 T C 1: 152,878,080 N5S probably benign Het
Spata31d1a A C 13: 59,702,487 L609R probably damaging Het
Ssh2 A G 11: 77,454,338 K1050E probably benign Het
Stab1 G A 14: 31,160,867 T393I possibly damaging Het
Sult2a4 C T 7: 13,988,395 W49* probably null Het
Thrap3 A T 4: 126,180,438 S172T unknown Het
Tmem130 A G 5: 144,750,911 V205A probably damaging Het
Ube2d2b A G 5: 107,830,851 I123V probably benign Het
Unc79 G T 12: 103,061,393 L414F probably damaging Het
Vmn2r30 C T 7: 7,334,184 S151N probably benign Het
Vmn2r54 T A 7: 12,622,151 T443S probably benign Het
Zfp229 T A 17: 21,742,616 S51T probably damaging Het
Zfp617 T C 8: 71,932,540 L238P probably damaging Het
Zfp707 T A 15: 75,973,549 C87* probably null Het
Zfp853 T C 5: 143,289,607 K101R unknown Het
Other mutations in Eif4ebp1
AlleleSourceChrCoordTypePredicted EffectPPH Score
IGL02728:Eif4ebp1 APN 8 27273482 missense possibly damaging 0.54
R1977:Eif4ebp1 UTSW 8 27275101 missense probably damaging 1.00
R2070:Eif4ebp1 UTSW 8 27273344 missense probably damaging 1.00
R2406:Eif4ebp1 UTSW 8 27273334 missense probably damaging 0.96
R7011:Eif4ebp1 UTSW 8 27273344 missense probably damaging 1.00
R8311:Eif4ebp1 UTSW 8 27275096 missense probably damaging 1.00
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Posted On 2019-05-15