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Procedure Author
Culturing DCs from bone marrow cells Amanda L. Blasius
Genetic Mapping by Bulk Segregation Analysis Bruce Beutler, Yu Xia
Genetic Mapping: Whole Genome Mapping and Fine Mapping Xin Du, Yu Xia, Bruce Beutler
Mutagenizing male mice with ENU Xin Du
Recombineering Lei Sun
Sperm collection and cryopreservation Christine Domingo, Tiana Purrington, Amanda Press, Xiaohong Li
Superovulation of female mice for collection of oocytes or embryos Christine Domingo
Screen Author
Blood Pressure Samantha Kuwada Teixeira
Body Weight Screen Emre Turer
Bone Screen Jonathan Rios
Double-stranded DNA Macrophage Screen Owen M. Siggs, Hexin Shi
DSS-induced Colitis Screen Katharina Brandl, Emre Turer, Wataru Tomisato
Ex Vivo Macrophage Screen for Control of Viral Infection Celine Eidenschenk, Sungyong Won
FACS screen Ming Zeng, Xue Zhong
FACS screen after MCMV infection Tao Yue, Duanwu Zhang
In Vivo CpG Screen Amanda L. Blasius
In Vivo NK Cell and CD8+ T Cell Cytotoxicity Screen Philippe Krebs
In Vivo RVFV Susceptibility Screen Sungyong Won
Influenza Resistance Screen Amanda L. Blasius
LCMV Clearance Screen Owen M. Siggs
LPS Hypersensitivity Screen Amanda L. Blasius, Sungyong Won
MCMV Susceptibility and Resistance Screen Celine Eidenschenk, Duanwu Zhang
NLRC4 Inflammasome Screen Hexin Shi
Nlrp3 Inflammasome Screen Owen M. Siggs, Hexin Shi
OVA/Alum 2nd challenge Takuma Misawa
T-dependent Antibody Response to OVA/Alum Screen Jin Huk Choi
T-dependent Antibody Response to rSFV-bgal Screen Jin Huk Choi
T-independent B Cell Response Screen Jin Huk Choi
TLR Signaling Screen Owen M. Siggs
TLR3 screen with IFN-gamma priming Lei Sun
TLR9 screen with IFN-gamma priming Lei Sun
Total IgE post immunization and OVA-specific IgE post immunization screen Tao Yue